Armored core 4 teams

A specific PS3 game for 3 man team matches.
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 Chat While Playin AC4

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PostSubject: Chat While Playin AC4   Tue Apr 08, 2008 6:15 pm

if you guys don't have any problems wit it we could always exchange phone numbers/e-mail addresses and chat over yahoo messenger....

my phone # is 1-641-454-3255... just ask for Tom.....

my e-mial is: just make sure its dragonmaster_zynk and not a space inbetween the r and z... just thought i'd clear that up some is all... lol

that way we can at least get some better communications goin while doin the matches..... i know that i have problems wit that is all.... sorry about that... i'll try do get my act together is all and hope for the best.... lol
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Chat While Playin AC4
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