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A specific PS3 game for 3 man team matches.
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 Blade Ladder Rules

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PostSubject: Blade Ladder Rules   Thu Mar 06, 2008 12:52 am

There are 20 ranks, with one person filling each spot. 1 is best, 20 is lowest. In order to rise in rank, you must compete with the person ahead of you of you and beat them to take their spot.

-In order to rank up, you must win a match against the person you challenge. To win a match you must be the first to win five games.

-You may challenge a person who is one or two spaces ahead of you.
--> PLEASE, be sure to issue all challenges through the Challenges subforum ONLY. It is EVERY ranker's responsibility to check this forum regularly, if you plan to hold your spot for long.
-->You may challenge only 1 person at any time.

-If a challenger wins a match, the losing defender and winning challenger switch spots. This applies with a challenge 1 or 2 ranks ahead.

-In the rare event of a draw, we will simply negate that round and have a redo

-Challenger gets to pick the map
--> The only illegal map is Normal Factory (subject to change with vote)

-After a challenge has been issued, the defender has exactly 72 hours (3 days) from the second the post was made to respond.
--> If no response is made, the defender forfeits the match and the challenger wins by default.
--> A challenge can NOT be refused by a defender, or else the challenger wins by default.
--> If multiple challenges are made to an individual in a short period of time, the person who first challenged gets priority- The defender may not choose one challenge to accept over another.
----> If multiple challenges are made AND the first challenger takes the defender's spot, all former challenges will be negated and need to be re-made.

-If a defender wins his match against a challenger, the challenger has to wait a minimum of three days before re-issuing their challenge. Challenges made within three days of the first match will be ignored.
-->In the above case, if the challenger lost to the individual one rank ahead, he may challenge the person 2 ranks ahead immediately. If the challenger lost to the individual two ranks ahead, he may challenge the person 1 rank ahead.

-The winner of a match posts the results of the match in the appropriate subforum.

-Timer will be set to 10 minutes, regs 1.4 (or the newest regs available to US PS3 version)

-Only weapon bans for the moment are One Blade or a Blade and a Cerberus, so you MUST use either 2 Laser Blades or 2 Cerberus Blades

-There will be absolutely NO projectiles that damage the enemy used in blades (ecm, flares, and flash rockets are allowed) IF YOU ARE CAUGHT USING THEM IN A MATCH YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM THE BLADE LADDER

-there will be a chance for the player that reaches rank #1 to fight a "mystery" player
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Blade Ladder Rules
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