Armored core 4 teams

A specific PS3 game for 3 man team matches.
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Armored core 4 teams

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Team Rules Teams consist of 3 players minimum and 5 players maximum Matches will be general gun matches unless specified as otherwise or unless other conditions arise that warrant a change. Matches will be the first team to reach 3 wins with a maximum of 5 fights. In the event of a draw, both teams will be awarded a win. If the scores are tied in the final round and a draw occurs a redo will be granted until one team wins. All matches will be 10 to 15 minutes maximum duration. The referee’s will rotate maps. The referee’s will exit the maps and watch the fight. On maps where no out of bounds areas are possible the teams will be instructed to take opposite sides of the map near the edge and huddle together in a bunch, out of range of either team while the referee’s kill them selves. After the last referee dies the match may commence. Fights on these maps will be extended to 15 minutes. All matches will be between two teams with no more then 3 players from a team competing. If a team is not present they will receive an automatic loss. In the event that one member of a team is missing and the other team has all 3 of their members, the team with only two of its members may ask the other team for a 2 on 2. If the team with all 3 of its members agrees to this there will be no way to change their mind after the first matches. If the team with 3 of its members present does not wish to agree to a 2 on 2 then the team missing its member(s) will have no choice but to take an automatic loss. In the event only one team member shows up and no other members of their team can be found the one remaining member may ask the team that has all 2 or 3 of its members present to agree to a 1 on 1. The team with all its members present does not have to agree to this and can chose to force the other team to take a automatic loss if they chose. Teams will be awarded six, 1 vs. 1 passes in the event that all but one member of a team is present at a scheduled match time. This means that if a team is missing all of its members except for one then they may use one of the six total 1 vs. 1 passes instead of taking an automatic loss. NOTE the pass can only be used if the the other team with all of its members agrees to allow the team with only one member present to use have to opportunity to use their pass. If a team has used all six of its passes in the course of the season then that team will not have the opportunity to ask the opposing team with 3 of its members present for a 1 vs. 1 match. Instead that team will have to accept an automatic loss. In the event no one from a team shows up for a match the team with 3 of its members present will be asked if they would like to wait for them to show up later on in the scheduled day to see if they might show. If that team with 3 of its members present does not agree or if the missing team does not show then they will accept an automatic loss.